Make It Personal!

And, if you’re looking to personalize an order with multiple gifts, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s adding imprinted products and printed collateral, enhancing gifts with custom printed hang tags or labels, custom themed presentations, or simply coordinating gifts with your logo and color scheme, our full-service personalization options and services create an instant WOW factor.

Look for examples on our Instagram feed and contact us to elevate your gift with personalization!

Free Personalized Ribbon

Looking for a unique way to make each of your gifts even more memorable? Take your Pleasant Surprise to the next level with our personalized ribbon. And it’s free, every day, on every gift.

Whether you're a business wisely adding your logo for corporate branding, or a friend wishing Jessica a happy birthday, our free personalized ribbon is the best way to make a memorable impression! You can add names, a special message, even a company logo. We'll print it on your gift’s ribbon at no charge.

Why not? Adding personalization to your gift makes such an impact. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to a special occasion or turn a business gift into a marketing piece.

It’s so easy! At checkout, you’ll find a place to type the message you want printed on the ribbon. You also have the option to upload a logo.

Messages should be less than 35 characters. Logos need to be black and white, minimum 300dpi.