Placing an Order

Ordering one or more gift baskets for family, friends, or loved ones has never been easier. If you're ordering corporate gifts for your organization you should visit our Corporate Orders section. There are two ways to place your order; online using our shopping cart, or by phone with a customer representative (858-909-0066).
When Ordering Online or By Phone You Can Do The Following:
  • FREE Shipping On Orders Over $100*
  • Send all gifts to one address
  • Send each gift to a different address
  • Select a delivery date
  • Use the same card message on all gifts
  • Write a different card message for each gift
  • Use the same ribbon message on all gifts
  • Use a different ribbon message on each gift
Here are a few things to consider when deciding which ordering method is right for you:
Order By Phone if:
  • You are ordering a large number of gifts and want to ship each to a different address
  • You feel more comfortable placing your order by phone with a customer representative. Call us at 858-909-0066 Monday thru Friday 9AM 4PM PST
Order Online if:
  • You are shipping all your gifts to one address
  • You are sending gifts to different addresses and feel comfortable entering the required shipping information for each gift
  • You feel comfortable ordering online and do not need assistance